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Addressing mental health stigma 

Therapy is more than a treatment. It is a lifestyle choice, same as like going to the gym or spa. It is one of the many ways to cope with understanding emotions, change, and relationships. In the same way that people visit doctors for a checkup, test, or even just advice; therapy is not only for people who suffer from mental illness.

Unfortunately, many people may not need therapy per se but could benefit from it. However, they may never consider it because of erroneous assumptions about therapy.

You can start therapy even if you feel fine

Painful events such as deaths in the family or a sickness don’t have to be the catalysts. Nothing horrible has to happen for people to want a happier life. Therapy is an effective treatment for preventing future crises’ such as divorce or to help with parenting. Therefore, therapy is a tool for people to explore themselves, which will assist them in leading better lives. 

Therapy doesn’t mean you are lonely and have no one to talk to

Being human means experiencing a wide range of emotions and problems, some of which may be difficult to talk about with family or friends. It’s never easy to bring up deep personal thoughts with someone you know well. Friends and family can be emotionally supportive, but they should not be substitutes for therapy.

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It is not a sign of weakness

Therapy is hard work! People who go to therapy are strong enough to ask for help and make the necessary changes in their lives. Many people live in constant denial of the reality of their lives. These people are often times too scared to admit the truth. Going to therapy means you are courageous enough to face your struggles head-on.

It is not only for women 

Women often receive therapy because there is less stigma preventing them from doing so. If a woman openly admits to struggling, no one is going to say, “Woman up!” Men on the other hand are constantly told to “Man up”. Dear men and boys, don’t allow society to hold you back from going to see a therapist and being on your way to living a fulfilled life.

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Just because a person seems normal and happy doesn’t mean that they don’t have trauma to deal with. Therapy is a safe space to just breathe and release all your thoughts, and then go on and enjoy your day.

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Ngumeritiza Katjimune

Hi my name is Ngumeritiza. I am a contributor at Afterbreak Magazine, I've been writing for the past two years and I have honestly fallen in-love with being able express my views on so many different topics and issues. Although I'm currently pursuing a career in Physiotherapy at the University of Namibia, I believe that everyone has a creative part within themselves and writing helps me explore my creativeness.

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