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As much as I enjoy recommending skincare products I rarely or never recommend Namibian Skincare products. I decided that that has to change because as we all know “local is lekker” and it doesn’t only apply to food. The Namibian Skincare industry is slowly growing and it’s time we consume our own, locally produced products. I started with 3 skincare brands: DK Beautie, Chen Organics and Ilotu Cosmetics. These brands cater to a range of skin types so you will definitely find a product for you. Moreover they are giving away some skincare goodies! Read this article for the Giveaway details.

1. DK Beautie

Tomasia Kambiru is the owner and founder of DK Beautie which is vegan skincare, body care and hair care line that utilises the benefits of natural and organic resources, particularly turmeric. Kambiru started her business in 2020, during covid and currently has close to 6000 followers on Instagram. The business sells a range of products from face washes, scrubs and body butters to bath salts and brightening masks.

Apart from owning a thriving business, Kambiru is a full-time employee in the tourism industry as a journey specialist and she’s also an aesthetician. She has a few words for those who would like to tap into the skincare business: “Be passionate about something and go for it. Do not fear competition because we all start small.” She continues to say that one needs to do research on whatever it is you want to venture in and choose an appropriate niche.

You can contact DK Beautie at +264813249035 to order or follow them on Instagram to view their items. They ship countrywide and internationally.

2. Chen Organics

  • Skincare Mask
  • skincare mask

With a passion for skincare and making people feel comfortable in their own skin, Milumbe Katowa launched Chen Organics in 2020. Chen organics is a 100% skincare brand that sells a Hibiscus face mask. It’s an anti-ageing glow mask that improves skin texture and makes your skin glow.

Milumbe is a pharmacist and real-estate agent by profession and believes in generating multiple forms of income. She’s in the process of launching a full skincare range, “by the Grace of God.” If you are looking into starting your own skincare brand Katowa advises you to be patient and not rush the process. “Make sure you do due diligence on your products, do your research and understand the market. Focus on building your brand, pay attention to detail and customer service is key”

Contact them at +264857590513 or follow them on Instagram to view their face masks.

3. Ilotu Cosmetics

Mereka Masule often referred to as Lilly or Ilotu is the founder and owner of Ilotu cosmetics officially launched on the 17th of August 2022. It began operation in 2018 and during that period leading up to the launch, testing, surveying and reviewing of the products were being done. “We were testing the market. I wanted to see what people actually liked.” Masule is a full-time entrepreneur and her business offers a wide variety of products, ranging from facial skincare products, massaging oils, hand cremes and hair care products.

If you are interested in creating a cosmetic business, Masule advises you to tap into what excites you. She continued to mention how skincare is all about chemistry, “Educate yourself and do research on [scientific] terminology because that was what I struggled with.” She also encourages one to ask themselves whether that is something they really want to do.

Visit their Instagram page for more!

These are 3 exceptional Namibian Skincare brands that are on the rise. These brands have a lot to offer and, as mentioned, they’ve graciously awarded you (yes you!) a chance to win a little something from one of these brands! So head over to our Instagram page to enter a Namibian Skincare Giveaway!!! Good luck!

Naango Kainge

Hi bestie, I'm Naango. I am Contributor and Writer for Namibia's number 1 digital youth magazine <3
I am a Christian who spends most of her time creating YouTube content, knitting, café hopping and getting to know God.

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32 Replies to “Namibian Skincare Brands That Are On The Rise”

    1. I would like to win the DK Beautie Products Worth N$1000.000 to get rid of my acne, uneven skin tone and habe2 clean clear face to feel confident

  1. I would like to win dkbeautie products, because I believe it might be the only products that will assist me in my journey of a clear skin from pimples and dark spots.

    1. I would like to win Ilotu cosmetics products. I alsways wanted to use their products and wining will make that come true

    1. I would like to win tumeric soap, tumeric scrub, tumeric face wash, tumeric lotion and Shea butter and a brightening soap from DK Beautie.

  2. I have acne on face and body it makes me very insecure and I want to change it, been battling this for a good 7 years but nothing, I would really like to try those brands out.

  3. ?I’d Personally want to win a $1000 voucher from DK Beautie. I’ve actually heard a lot about their products from people that use them . I personally don’t have a specific skin care routine as I don’t have much skin problems, although as I’m growing older , my skin had its charred aswell. The best products I’d like to start with for my skin care journey would be A brand I’ve heard positive responses from . Which I can happily have a better experience with .
    I hope I do win , and even if I don’t . ?I’ll start with that brand .

  4. I honestly want to win the the first prize . The fact that these ladies put in so much time an effort to conduct research and surveys to ensure that they meet their customer’s demand , that’s honestly wonderful . It’s nice to see women on top , working towards their goals and providing the nation with such wonderful products . ✊? #feminism #womeninskincare #localislekker .

  5. I would absolutely love to win the generous voucher from DK Beautie. I have been battling acne for the longest time now and I have tried every product on every shelf, literally. I think maybe it’s time for a change, I trust that these natural products will complement my skin quite beautifully. Clearing my skin would be a tremendous confidence booster for me.
    So I hope I win this giveaway. That would be the start to beautiful clear skin and hopefully, a customer for life to DK Beauty. ?

  6. I would like to win Dk beautie voucher for me to meet some of my life needs. I would also like to win Chen organics because I would love to see my skin glowing and have a pretty and clean skin.
    Please help me be one of the winners. I would love that and I’m just praying for this to happen. Thank you

  7. It would be such a honour rocking the Chen Organics facial mask so In addition to I have been wanting to use anti-ageing glow mask that improves skin my texture, but due to certain circumstances I just couldn’t so winning this mesmerizing prize would be a dream come.

  8. I Would Like To Win Tumeric Soap, Tumeric Scrub, Tumeric Face Wash, Tumeric Lotion And Shea Butter And A Brightening Soap From DK Beautie.

  9. I would love to win the first prize which is Dk beautie products worth N$1000.

    It’s so amazing to see 3 exceptional Namibian Skincare brands stand out in the cosmetic industry to provide a range of skincare products which are highly in demand. Providing such services is a great initiative.

  10. I would love to win the first prize which is Dk beautie products worth N$1000.

    It’s so amazing to see 3 exceptional Namibian skincare brand stand out in the cosmetic industry to provide a range for skin care products which are highly in demand. Providing skin care products to solve skin problems is such a great initiative.

  11. I would absolutely love to win the generous voucher from DK Beautie. I have been battling acne for the longest time and I’ve used every product on every shelf, literally, and nothing has worked so far. I trust that these natural products will complement my skin so beautifully. Clearing my skin would be a huge confidence booster and it’s lovely to see that DK Beautie is able to do this for a lot of women. Winning this giveaway would mean finally being able to clear my skin and hopefully, a DK Beautie customer for life. <3

  12. I’d like to win the DK Beauty Products Worth N$1000.00 It would mean alot to me to get back my confidence by getting rid of my acne, dark spots and uneven skin tone by using this much praised locally produced products!!

  13. I woullddd absolutely love to win dk beauty products. I’ve been having terrible skin for the past years now and I’d love to look good for my birthday which is on the 9th. So I really hope yall consider me. Been posting and commenting. @nalichee.
    Thank you?❤️‍?????

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