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Graduation SZN is upon us! For monumental moments such as these, it is only right that graduates show up and out dripping in cotton, silk, linen and sauce! Are you mulling over what to wear or who would perfectly pull off your envisioned outfit and design? Here are 5 Namibian designers you should check out.

Sunset Crawls

One of the rising stars in the fashion industry. Sunset Crawls is uniquely known for fiery, mind-blowing 2-in-1 garments that not even a clairvoyant would foresee unfold! Pageant stages have seen what she got as she dressed Miss Supranational Namibia 2022. She makes elegant dresses, bodysuits, and truly, anything just for you!


This two-time award-winning designer caters to both men and women. Multifaceted as they tap into street style, nightgowns, formal wear, and trendy aesthetics. The remarkable versatility of Sirenga designs allows them to be styled with other drip combinations. Cotton eaters, lovers of street style, suits, sneakers, cargo drip… Sirenga is your go-to designer.

Everyone deserves a piece of luxury.

Zuriel by Luis M.

Pewa Proud

Proud is proudly known for quality and, most importantly, exclusive drip with an irresistible illusion of permanency. With Proud, less is more. Fanatics for smart, minimalistic looks? Go no further; This is home.


Two things: “Coming in hot!” and bedazzling looks! This award-winning designer pays outlandish attention to details. If you need looks that elevate and boost confidence, don’t look any further. The cherry on top of the cake here is that Foxxy has the best materials, texture, colour palettes – everything! Perfect for that grad party/dinner fit.


This newly emerged clothing line is another force to be reckoned with. Zuriel has rich, warm and earthy pastels, with supreme glossy tones. From the fashion show runaways, we have seen a commendable feature – Inclusivity. The graduate and their family can be catered for by Zuriel because as they’ve perfectly said, “everyone deserves a piece of luxury”.

It is an absolute pleasure to have brought a few more options to your fingertips. Go ahead and slide in their emails, call or send them a message and secure your spot. Surely one of them is ready to come through for you!

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Rauna Elungi

Rauna Elungi, a published and seasoned writer. She writes/blogs when she is not running in hospital corridors, clearing benches and standing in theaters as a junior medical doctor.
Elungi is passionate about all things health, lifestyle as well as social issues.
Connect with her on Instagram: @raunnyyy. and Twitter: @lil_elungi

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this compilation. Thank you for putting this together for us graduates. My outfit is sorted, now I look forward to graduation.

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