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soft life on a budget

Dear soft life aspirers, contrary to popular belief, living the soft life does not need to cost you a bag and a half, or your soul.

That’s right, even us, the broke peeps, can embody the true essence of ✨living softly✨.

In essence, living a soft life means living a life filled with enjoyment, ease and comfort. Urban Dictionary’s definition of soft life is that it is the opposite of a hard life. It’s “where you make decisions that leave you feeling stress free and vibrating higher. It’s less about wealth and more about making good choices.”

soft life
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Unfortunately, most of us get caught up in the hustle, and struggle culture. Moreover, we’ve even been glorifying self sacrifice and self neglect for the sake of these. I for one have been down that rabbit hole. And it ain’t it. Though granted, to accomplish really grand things in life, a certain level of discipline, work ethic and consistency is required. However, self neglect, for whatever reason only leaves us feeling spent and empty at the end of it all.

Can you truly live a soft life without spending?

Living softly is a state of being, and not necessarily about monetary or material possessions. And you can tap into that, simply read on to find out how.

Practical and Cost-Free ways to Living Softly

1. Adopt a soft mindset

soft life mindset
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I’m not certain that ‘soft mindset’ is an actually thing however, here it is. I’ll define a ‘soft’ mindset as an attitude or perspective where one leads their life from a place of least resistance towards abundance, ease, enjoyment and comfort. It’s a necessary component to embodying the true essence of living a soft life. And if you need guidance on how to go about adopting a soft mindset, just practice the tips I have shared in this article.

2. Prioritize Your Joy

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“You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.”

Esther Hicks

If you make to do lists or set daily/weekly agendas. Also schedule something you’ll enjoy in them too. For instance you can schedule enjoyment as a form of reward or treat for yourself after achieving a task. All work and no play makes you extremely dull and most likely burned-out as well. And that’s no fun, trust me.

3. Embrace Your Femininity

embrace femininity. Sensual. soft life
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You deserve to embrace the feminine side of yourself (yes gents too). You deserve to rest, to pour into yourself, be soft, take moments to enjoy your life. And to feel connected to your body too. You’ll find tips on how to do just that in this article. The states of ease, enjoyment and softness of mind are feminine attributes. Whereas being masculine commonly involves aggression, mental and physical toughness and so on. Being in hustle mode (aka masculine mode) all the time will most likely have you running empty soon enough. So tap into femininity.

4. You deserve Soft love, not Struggle love

soft love. vs struggle love. soft life

I read that struggle love pays homage to the ride-and-die girlfriend (or boyfriend). If you seem to experience more struggle and less joy and love. Then it’s safe to say the balance is way off and the relationship is likely not serving either or one of you anymore. Your deserve a soft and sweet love, let that be your standard and nothing less. You can absolutely have a healthy and exhilarating relationship.

5. Let go of the need for control

I know most of us fall into the need to have everything figured out. Sometimes I catch myself in a mental loop of trying to control most aspects of my future. But I’m reminded that at the end of the day, whether I make it to tomorrow or not isn’t even up to me. So trying to control most aspects of my future and getting stressed over it is madness. Learn to let go and trust that there’s a higher energy that’s always conspiring for you and not against you. Loosen up the need to control everything. And leave room for spontaneous and magical occurrences in your life too.

6. Be open to receiving

be open to receiving. the soft life
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Embodying a sate of being soft largely involves releasing unnecessary hard work. I know most of us feel really weird about asking for help or even receiving gifts, affections or attention from others. It definitely stems from somewhere and we should investigate it because there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gifted things, with being shown affection or being supported from genuine and good meaning people. Release the awkward feeling surrounding receiving and be open to the beauty of it.

Even if you do know it all, you certainly don’t need to be doing it all.

6. Make annoying parts of your day more pleasurable

Now we’re aware that life isn’t always glamourous and fun. But sometimes you’re able to brighten up a rather unpleasant part of your day if you can’t get rid of it all together. For example, give yourself more time to get ready at an enjoyable pace before heading out. Or if you struggle with sleep, use aromatherapy or play sedative music used for sleep, available for free on YouTube. There’s plenty more ways you can make the unpleasant moments a lot more enjoyable. Just get intentional about it.

7. Embrace Slow Living

slow living. soft life
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We’re constantly on ‘go‘ mode. And rarely do we take time to rest and enjoy the present. Slow living is a lifestyle that encourages a slow and mindful approach to daily life tasks. Here are 15 ways to start living slow.

8. Remove what no longer serves you

Ease and enjoyment are factors of a soft life. So removing things, and people that don’t contribute to your ease of mind, enjoyment and comfort is an essential step one needs to take. This could range from removing clutter in your space. Getting rid of clothing items you just don’t love. Removing people that usually leave you feeling drained or stressed. This cleansing of your life allows you the opportunity to truly be around things and people that mainly fill you up.

10. Self care is not futile

self love. soft life. self care
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Self care is a form of self-appreciation and self-celebration. It’s a no brainer that we perform at our best when we feel our best. So remember to prioritize taking care of you too. Set boundaries that protect your energy. Clear clutter, pamper yourself. You cannot pour from an empty vessel. And you certainly cannot enjoy and savour your life when you feel down, drained and just unkept.

Self care is how you take your power back.

As you are right now, right here. Your life can be soft, peaceful and enjoyable. You don’t need to wait for money, or the right person or the perfect circumstances to live a truly soft life. Once you practice living softly you’ll likely notice how prioritizing your joy, ease and comfort impact your life for the better. The soft life is a lifestyle that enriches your life, relationships and happiness. Embrace it.

Thanks for reading! Please share bellow which tips resonated with you the most.

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  1. I am basically liked every tip of it, it gave me a more broad understanding of soft life unlike we assume it is really what it is in a nutshell it was really good and self motivating

  2. Thank you Rakkel. I am so glad you found it motivating and inspiring. If there is anything you’d like to find out more about just let us know.

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