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First of all, who else is struggling to catch a break? It’s almost as if we complete one thing, exhale and have 20 more befall us.

The fuel prices have once again decreased, so there’s at least something going well in this world.

Also, we’ve heard that September is Take a Man on a Date month, and we are here for it! We gotta spoil our men if we want the same in return, right? Don’t forget to give him flowers. You’ll be surprised to know that men rarely get any flowers.

As for what’s cooking up, we have great content lined this month *squeals in excitement*. We have a feature on someone from the design industry; Namibian skincare brands you should def get into; and great wardrobe essentials to have since spring is coming up.

We also feature an interesting selection of photographers you should know because it’s high time our creatives got the recognition they deserve!

Lastly, September is Leukemia Awareness Month. This is to fight blood cancers like Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma and Hodgkin’s Disease. Get your orange ribbon and wear it in support of our loved ones who battle with this disease daily. And donate blood as often as you can. It’s difficult enough as it is for them to find a matching blood stem cell donor.

Finally, choose to have faith over fear. The year is rounding up, and there’s an air of uncertainty floating around. Speak life into your situation, and watch miracles happen.

Til next time,

Gina Kandanga

My name's Uendjii and I've been the editor of all the content that you know and love. I don't have a specific niche; I prefer to have my fingers in everything.

4 Replies to “September is for those who keep fighting”

  1. Oh my ??I read this article and it’s one of the most eye catching piece of writing about these beautiful people organization ?

    Ow well I have learned a lot from this Organization since I have been following up on it and it’s products for a little while and how they work and it’s really amazing ?

    I would love to win different skin products specially pimples remover products, dark spots remover , lip therapies, and beautiful scents ?

    Am looking forward to taking part in more of your competitions

    Keep up the great job?

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