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High school or even university can feel like a Rubik’s cube you can’t solve or a simple word puzzle that challenges you. Surviving either your high school or university years, you need to equip yourself with some useful tips and tools.

1. Prayed before a test or presentation

Many have found it extremely helpful to ask and know that God has them calm and focused during times of stress. Saying a prayer to ask for guidance might just help you not panic and remember what you have studied. And if it’s an Afrikaans presentation, which is not the easiest language, a prayer might just make you the ultimate Refentse Morake intimate ever.

A prayer goes a long way

2. Isolated myself before a big test or exam

Have you ever felt so confident in the way you have studied and prepped yourself for a test and then suddenly all that confidence dissolves the moment your friends start discussing the test right before it’s time to write? My advice to you is RUN! It is never a good idea to go through notes 30 minutes or even an hour before a test. Doing this only confuses you and sometimes makes you forget the information that you already studied and absorbed. Words of wisdom: ‘What you don’t know by now, you don’t know.’

Keep calm

3. Snacked and not studied

Having something to snack on while you study is good. But choosing the right snack is important. Don’t have a pack of Doritos on your desk and say you’re snacking. Chocolate and gummy bears should be your go-to snack!

Remember your snacks!

4. Crammed, passed, then forgot

Many students have claimed that it is simply impossible for them to study way before the test and for some this might be true. But then you get the superheroes of studying who read their notes the day before a test. WARNING: only use this method in extreme cases. Not everyone is built for this! Plus this method has a very low success rate.

never have i ever
school edition
Study in advance

5. Color-coordinated my notes

If you didn’t know this by now, let me expose you to almost every girl’s secret to a successful study session. Keep in mind that I said ‘almost’ every girl. Writing your notes in colors that coordinate might help you better remember what you have studied. Examples of colors that coordinate are red and green, or pink and purple. If you want to go all out, have each chapter of your notes be in a different set of colors.

Let you colors help you

Getting through high school or university can be tough but all you need is a little nudge in the right direction. It help to make things easier once you find a routine that personally works best for you. Remember, what may work for a friend might end up being the complete opposite to what works for you.

Patricia Coetzee

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