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Photography as an art and craft has significantly evolved historically – lens enhancements, sharper and finer focuses. It has consistently and transcendentally provided us with tangible and timeless memories to forever hold on to. Therefore, in appreciation and up-keeping of the aforementioned, here are the 5 local photographers you should know:


This Windhoek-based photographer has exponentially grown to be a force to be reckoned with. His work has successfully permeated the Namibian creative industry and safely secured its timeless spot. Leoviich covered events such as Vinyls Comedy Hour Show and shows of the legendary Namibian musician Gazza as well as other events, to mention a few. In addition, you would love Leoviich for timely delivery of quality photos.


The undefeated portraits connoisseur! When it comes to portraits, Peke undeniably has the hand of God! He furthermore has range – he does it both in studio and outdoor and still effortlessly delivers. Peke has shot the sickest photos of creatives and what leaves us even more stunned is the final products – warm, with rich preservation of every significant detail.

Photography has consistently and transcendentally provided us  with tangible and timeless memories to forever hold on to.

Michael Petrus Photography

He’s another photographer who believes that the world is better seen through a lens and, truly, we couldn’t agree more! Versatility stands out and is central to this photographer’s work – they do portraits, studio and outdoor photoshoots and cover events and/or brand commercials. Furthermore, their work boldly speaks for itself as they have been trusted to work with numerous creatives and local brands.

HaiMetu Photography

Operating under HaiMetu Media House, they have emerged and grown to widely be known for engagements and wedding photography and they’re killing it! They have studios in Windhoek and Oshakati, with an ever-ready team of photographers, directors and makeup artists. The aforementioned evidently have you anticipate for top-tier quality portraits, family photos and corporate shots. We all love tangible memories, right? They got you covered! They print photos, from the smallest photo to the largest canvases to ever exist. Additionally, they do studio shoots at lower rates on Wednesdays #HaiMetuWednesdays. Keep an eye on their social media pages!

We all love tangible memories, right? Photographers got you covered!

Francis Photos Studios

One word: CLEAN! FPS does a phenomenal job with both studio and outdoor shoots. Their services range from maternity, weddings/engagements and other events. They have two other dimensions; FPS Kids photography tailored for kids as well as FPS Corporate Photography. Their service, deliverance and professionalism are phenomenal.

Those are 5 of many other photographers, doing equally phenomenal jobs! therefore, if you discover a photographer whose work you appreciate, be sure to give them a follow on social media!

Rauna Elungi

Rauna Elungi, a published and seasoned writer. She writes/blogs when she is not running in hospital corridors, clearing benches and standing in theaters as a junior medical doctor.
Elungi is passionate about all things health, lifestyle as well as social issues.
Connect with her on Instagram: @raunnyyy. and Twitter: @lil_elungi

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