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Starting off right…

Happy New Month!

Before I go any further, can we talk about our vision boards real quick? I have had the most fun making one on Canva, and I feel like it really helped me narrow down my goals and have a clearer vision (wink) for my year.

One thing I added this year is being more intimate in my relationships. This means allowing those in my inner circle to see beneath the mask. Because I believe that’s where trust and unconditional love stem from.

The month of love…

And what rhymes with love? February, of course! It is the ‘love month’, and yes, we have this conversation every single year (dramatic eye-roll). Release me from the shackles of debating about who should buy the gifts. I’m done!

Onto more serious things, like school, for example. I don’t know about you, but I’m way too eager for classes to resume. The holiday has been too long, and I need the ominous school pressure in order to enjoy my series.

What’s cooking in the Afterbreak Kitchen?

Speaking of school, we are excited to bring our attention to career guidance, and we plan to give our young readers the most accurate and reliable information there is about the different career paths at their disposal.

Last year, we launched Afterbreak Communications and Afterbreak Abroad, and although I cannot divulge much about what’s cooking, I can say great things are coming. Keep an eye on the movement!

Truly, we at Afterbreak are excited to jump back on the wagon and deliver content aimed at educating, inspiring, and telling the stories of Namibians to Namibians.

We wish you all the joy and success the year has to offer. Keep your chin up and make the most of it.


Gina Kandanga

My name's Uendjii and I've been the editor of all the content that you know and love. I don't have a specific niche; I prefer to have my fingers in everything.

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