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Tis’ the season of love. Valentine’s day is right here and if you haven’t decided on what to get your partner, here are 3 DIY and Low-budget Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

1. Money Bouquet

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Money bouquets have become quite popular lately and at first glance they seem quite expensive. However, they can be affordable. If you want to go over the top, you can use more money and more roses but if you want a budget friendly alternative, take a few notes like the 30 NAD notes above, and use them as rose instead.

2. Personalized Gift Hampers

A personalized gift basket is another great valentines gifrt. You can fill a basket or box with your partners favourite snacks and add some red decor to make it more valentines themed. With gift baskets, you can also go over the top or keep it less expensive. Whatver you do, we’re sure your partner will appreciate it.

3. Romantic Picnic Dates

Lastly., we have romantic picnic dates. These can also be done inside but having a date on the beach or a park can be more romantic. I mean, aren’t we always inside? let’s change up the scenery. Picnics and outdoor dates can be customised too. You can buy your favourite meals or cook them at home. You can make it a surprise for your partner or you can both decide to do it together and bring items for each other. Whatever you do, dates will always be romantic.

We hope these 3 ideas helped. Let us know if you used these ideas on Instagram by using the hashtag #ABmag.

Naango Kainge

Hi bestie, I'm Naango. I am Contributor and Writer for Namibia's number 1 digital youth magazine <3
I am a Christian who spends most of her time creating YouTube content, knitting, café hopping and getting to know God.

I hope you enjoy my pieces and feel free to let me know what you think.
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