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Good morning to our girlfriends only!

August comes bearing gifts, and I’m certain those of you lucky to be girlfriends are basking in the extra attention today. If not, give that man a side eye and tell him to stop playin’.

Also, can we show a little love to our sisters? You know the ones that pick up the phone in the middle of the night! The ones who drop everything and show up for you! The ones that cheer you on and aggressively want to see you win!

There’s no better friend than the one who becomes a sista!

Power of Collaboration

I recently had the privilege of attending the NIRO Education Career Guidance and University Readiness Conference, which gave insight into not only which curriculums and countries suit the different intended fields of study but also equipped students with a how-to guide on closing the skill gap in Namibia and tapping into the emerging market innovatively.

Then I also attended a farewell organised by Edudite Namibia, an organisation whose aim is to make studying abroad easier for students. Between Sunday and Monday, Edudite sent 22 students to India.

It was through these events, watching students on the brink of their academic journey, that I realised what the power of collaboration can do.

When everyone has the same goal in mind, there’s simply nothing that will stand in their way to achieve it. I also came to realise that in order for that to happen, a diverse group of people who deeply care about something need to connect. There’s a line in my favourite series right now that says:

“Whenever you wonder if you can achieve a dream, look at the moon and remember that a few people walked on it because a whole bunch of people believed in each other.”

Annie Sullivan in Sweet Magnolias

Water every garden

Now, I’m not saying we have to do something astronomical. I am, however, asking: What if we all radically poured into one another? Shown people that we see them? Because I’m sure we can do so many little things that have the power to make someone’s day or week!

I dare you to do something for a stranger just because you can, and it must be something that you can never benefit from.

This may be paying somebody’s cab fare, giving the guy that sells newspapers N$100 one morning, bringing breakfast for the security guard at your workplace, leaving an uplifting note on the mirror for the next person…

It’s through acts of service and being selfless that we can show people that we care. And hey, don’t we all need a little love sometimes?

With that, my loves, I wish you all a successful and productive August.

Take care, and until next time,


Gina Kandanga

My name's Uendjii and I've been the editor of all the content that you know and love. I don't have a specific niche; I prefer to have my fingers in everything.

4 Replies to “Collaboration and Compassion Fuel the Future”

  1. Not me looking for my boyfriend to give him the side eyes! ????
    Anyway loved this, thanks for reiterating & reminding us about the power of collective interest, belief and collaboration!!✨✨✨

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