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Have you ever been stressed to the point where you feel physically drained? Being saturated with work and all sorts of business can incrementally affect all spheres of your wellbeing. It is therefore crucial to try and remain mindfully healthy about your overall wellbeing when life calls.

Healthy eating & Eating while rushed

Healthy eating & Eating while rushed?
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If you know you have a full day ahead, it’s best to try your best to eat at the right time and with the right food. What is the right time to eat?

Research shows that if you opt to eat on top of everything else on your plate, your body won’t be able to digest and utilise the meal as effectively as usual. In the current rushed state, your body is filled with a whole number of hormones, such as cortisol. With these hormones present, your digestive system is partially shut down, and the digestive juices and enzymes are not released. This ultimately makes the food you just ate close to null. Additionally, you won’t feel as satisfied and will want more food!

Instead, set aside 10 minutes to enjoy your meal. Whether it be a lovely, wholesome meal or simply a quick grab of fruit, make it count. With this said, also try to think and plan ahead. It’s best to eat nourishing food if you have such a busy lifestyle. Healthier food can allow for more vitamin uptake and ultimately more energy, and energy is what we want!

Is it worth exercising on a busy schedule?

Is it worth exercising on a busy schedule?
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Yes! It might feel like a dumb move to make time and exercise when on your last reserves or when busy, but the benefits are worth it. A quick workout does not just take energy from you. It returns the energy double-fold. The increase in heart rate fills your body afresh with oxygen and releases all the amazing hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and more! Make time for an early or afternoon workout to supercharge your body.

Optimizing your Sleep.

Healthy amount of Sleep
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When you sleep, your body repairs itself. All that happened during the busy day can now be reversed. It is therefore crucial to not cut down on sleep but rather to work around it. In order to get the luxury of working around your sleep schedule, you have to plan!

Plan your day and be realistic about the number of tasks that can fit into it. If you get 6-7 hours of sleep, your brain is decluttered, your blood sugar level is regulated, and a healthy heart is maintained. Ultimately, sleeping enough can boost your mood. A happy mood can get more done. All in all, we can always control how busy we get. But because the long-term effects of continual stress and rush are known, it’s best to try and stay healthy midst the storms.

Be exceptionally mindful about your mind-body connection. Eat healthy and be time-wise about it. Get a quick workout in for more energy, and end the day with a proper night’s rest.

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