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A film first of its kind and purely Namibian bred. A movie for students, by the students that is Student Life, Save the Semester! The movie first made its debut on the 20th of April 2023 at the Namibian University of Science and Technology. In fact, students from various institutions buzzed with excitement as they cued up with extreme anticipation to the premiere.

student life
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A key focus on gender equality and access to quality education

The movie is student based and dives into the daily lives of NUST students coupled with their various backgrounds. Moreover, the film also highlights and spreads awareness about the different services available at NUST for students. In an interview with Laura-lee Tjipueja, one of the lead cast members in the movie, she revealed that the film is inspired by the United Nations Sustainability Goals 4 (Quality Education) and Goals 5 (Gender Equality). She further elaborated that they firmly believe that students are entitled to receive support in terms of their academics and that both males and females have equal rights to knowledge and information.

student life
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All about student relatability and authenticity

Now, we all know that Namibia is not the most famous for its acting industry. However, Laura states that despite that fact, the key driving factor of the film has been its relatability to the youth and its unique and authentic approach. “The movie is the first of its kind and has a dramatic twist to it!”, Laura stated.

Additionally, the film aims to encourage students to always bounce back from obstacles in life. As students, we are easily discouraged when we slack in certain modules and sometimes even fear having selected the wrong course of study or majors. So, it is safe to say that we go through it sometimes! Nonetheless, Student Life, Save the Semester provides hope that though we may face opposition, there is light at the end of every tunnel.

Fun Facts about a few cast members

student life
Simasiku – Image obtained from Instagram

Simasiku-Funniest comedian (Because lets face it, not all comedians are funny!)

student life
Rachel – Image obtained from Instagram

Rachel – The content creator

student life
Laura and Gabriel – Image obatained from Instagram

Laura – Most notorious

And Gabriel – The most serious!

The Student Life team has held two successful premieres of the movie so far and have plans to showcase the film on many more platforms. However, more information will be provided in due time. For now, make sure to follow them on Instagram

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