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For all the wine lovers out there who are also into networking, we have the perfect club for you! Windhoek Wine Club was founded in 2020 by Iyaloo Magongo, a young woman who has a passion for networking and an unmatched love for wine.

The club provides a platform for promoting Namibian wine and also serves wine lovers a chance to learn about the world of wine while networking with other wine lovers.

Ms Magongo is creative and has a passion for personal branding and marketing. She fell in love with wine back in 2018 when she moved to Windhoek. Magongo says that her wine palette began to expand when she started tasting different types of wine.

Due to her love for networking, she was always looking for ways in which she could bring people together. That’s when the idea to bring young adults together to network and connect, while promoting the art of viticulture, was born.

Her vision to provide wine lovers with a platform to engage and establish partners and potential investors has now become a reality.

To come up with the idea and turn it into a beautiful reality was not a walk in the park. Iyaloo shares that many people did not understand the motive and purpose of the club, and she had no team or partnerships to work with and grow the club. She knew then that she had to make clear the club’s mission and vision to those who were interested in joining the club and build a team to help assist with the heavy load.

The club usually hosts wine tasting events and takes part in social events and where people can come together to enjoy wine. For people who aren’t sure why wine tasting is good, here are ten reasons why.

Iyaloo also sees the club in the next five years as the club that creates unique networking opportunities for professionals while promoting a shared love for wine.

“I see the club promoting start-ups in the hospitality and tourism industry and most importantly promoting Namibian wine.”

Her advice to anyone who wants to turn their dream into reality is that,

No one is ever too young, too old or too poor. You know what you want and only you have a clear vision of that, so go there and network with the right people. Shoot your shots and keep sending out those proposals.

Windhoek wine club is not just a socially engaging events for wine lovers. It also provides a place for those who wish to begin their relationship with wine. Join the club, have a glass and chat with someone!

Eeno Nangolo

Hi, I’m Eeno. I’m a lover of books and sunsets and everything “foodsie”.

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