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Sticking to a skincare routine prevents acne, keeps your pores clean and face flawless. While most people don’t have a skincare routine, others have at least one. Both evening and morning routines are equally important. So is the simple science that is behind it all.

1. Not washing your face = Dirt build-up

When it comes to the dirt on your face, seeing is not believing. Whether spending a day out and about, or on your sofa, there will be dirt built up on your face. Sweat, bacteria, sunlight and wind are all factors falling under facial pollutants. Thus, you may not see the dirt and, more seldomly, feel it, but it is there.

2. It’s pure Science

Science at play further proves the importance of a skincare routine. Not taking care of the dirt on your face causes blockage of pores. Pores are tiny openings on your face that release sweat and act as your face’s natural moisturizer: Sebum.

With your pores clogged as a result of facial pollutants and dead skin cells, you instantly become more prone to acne. Pores will start to grow larger and impurities will form under your skin.

3. Running away from regret

To run away from regret, pimples and large pores, start that skincare routine. Evening and morning routines are equally important.

Washing and applying a moisturizer, as well as sunscreen, serves as your mild protection for the day. The evening skincare routine then comes in to be full-proof against acne. It is eminent to wash your face at night for it to recover, heal and be rejuvenated during the night.


Upon understanding the first step to clear skin, bear in mind the importance of your diet, mindset and of course, products. For a deeper dive into skincare, read more on the dos and don’ts.

Aliche Januarie

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