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From fashion and lifestyle to dancing and makeup, some content creators are just doing the absolute most. So just in case they went under your radar, here are 15 young and rising content creators we think you need to keep an eye on this year, so you can say you were with them before they got too famous. 

15. Panduleni

She can dance, she can sing, she can serve looks… a jack of all trades. This girl is all about pretty vibes and even though her following is quite big already, she‘s still a rising star clearly set to reach new heights.

14. Faith

Busy with YouTube and Statistics at university, Faith somehow still finds time to glow— giving her followers the best of fashion, lifestyle and selfcare. It’s only a matter of time before her pristine content catapults her to the top one day!

13. Tuli

Just as bright and bubbly as her username suggests, Tuli radiates good vibes and goddess energy. She’s a freelance model and her largely underrated YouTube channel hosts entertaining beauty and lifestyle content that really deserves more attention and is bound to get, if she keeps doing what she’s doing.

12. Michael

Michael Petrus, in other words, our future doctor is surely coming up with his aesthetic men’s fashion inspiration and killer photography and editing skills . He’s definitely one to watch as he continues giving his followers awe-inspiring photos worthy of being on magazine covers.

11. Dina

Another stand-out Namibian YouTuber, the way the gorgeous Dina keeps her followers and subscribers both entertained and charmed makes it so clear that she’s going to keep on rising higher and higher.

10. Tehila

A Namibian in Austria, she serves her followers all the aesthetics that come with lifestyle, productivity and beauty from her Instagram to her YouTube. The effort and consistency in her content goes above and beyond, so we can’t wait to see her rise like the star she is!

9. Hiidini

A luminary young filmmaker on the RFC Creative Agency team— his passions lay in filmmaking and photography with a feed that showcases his work, talent and the good fortune he’s had working with celebrities and socialites. With his “always on the grind” mindset and inspiring content, this young man’s move up the ladder of Namibia’s influencer world is inevitable.

8. Juju K

Amapiano music, dancing, comedy and good vibes are all things you might hear when people talk about Junior. With over 100K followers on TikTok and more than a million likes on his videos, it‘s clear to see that Juju K will become a big name! 

7. Laura Braune

A Namibian studying in South Africa, Laura comes home to Swakopmund often and takes us on her adventures as a private pilot and nature lover with her aesthetically pleasing feed. She’s definitely passes with flying colors when it comes to her content. 

6. Sophia Stanley

With a very personal and casual approach to her feed, the gorgeous Sophia gives us a slice of life with her content. It‘s heartwarming to see her use her platform to give back and empower women through her charity: Inner Girl Foundation, which donates sanitary pads to underprivileged girls in Namibia.

5. Kandeya

Charming and vibrant, Mercy brings the life of the party to her Instagram content. She’s definitely one to watch with her high quality content and lively personality. You can tell she’s on her way to having all eyes on her and keeping them there.

4. Nayara

Nayara has been a familiar name on the Namibian influencer scene for a long time but she’s still growing, glowing and taking us along her gym journey and fashionable lifestyle. Her engagement and commitment alone is all the reassurance we need that she’s only getting bigger. 

3. Catherine

Serving soft, calm, pinterest vibes, she originally rose to popularity with her hair care videos, tips and tutorials but since then Kat has been giving us so much more with aesthetically pleasing vlogs and lifestyle related content on her YouTube channel, as a university student in South Africa.

2. Sute

We might as well call her the CEO of the soft life. Sute is rising on Instagram as she gives us a clean-cut, aesthetic glimpse into her lifestyle of traveling, modeling and restaurant dates.

1. Renella

Always serving looks with her insane makeup skills, there‘s never a dull moment with Makwenda’s gorgeous and creative content. Keeping her followers entertained and engaged, she‘s surely getting bigger by the day.

So in the young hands of these 15 rising stars, the future of Namibian social media influencers seems bright and open for growth… if you didn’t know them before, go ahead and support them before they get too famous! 

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