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First Date ideas to break the ice and get rid of those nerves.

In the age of social media, we fully get to know someone before we even get the chance to meet them but that still does not take away the nerves of interacting with someone away from the comfort and protection of our screens, but we have a few date ideas just for that

Dinner and a movie

The other way around though. Catching a movie at Sterkinekor and having a meal after makes for a great first date. Watching a movie gives time for you two to become comfortable with each other’s presence and makes for a great casual conversation starter afterwards.

First Date
Image obtained from Istock

Mini golf

Joyful Noise have a beautiful glow in the dark mini golf course for all you put put lovers. Get lost in conversation and avoid awkward silences by/while swinging your golf club around the beautiful ambient room

First Date
Image obtained from Joyful noise’s instgram


Little more intense and head-to-head but just as fun. If the ball stays out the gutter keeps knocking pins down, the adrenaline will keep flowing and so will the fun. Y’all will be laughing it up at T Twenty Bowling.

First Date
Image obtained from T Twent bowling


Planet Aero trampoline park is easily the most fun place and does not fail to bring out ones inner child and joy. The staff there can elevate the experience by teaching y’all acrobatic skills like flips and twists, and you will be having so much fun quality time.

First Date
Image obtained from TravelBuddy Namibia

Indoor climbing

For the real adventurers! Sure getting all sweaty and worked up during a first date is not ideal but it is fun, challenging and is the gateway to bouldering and outdoor activities. Urban friction is the best place for a seamless and fun rock climbing experience.

First Date
Images obtained from Pinterest

Trust these activities to make you forget how nervous you are, get lost in the moment and enjoy every moment finally getting to bond in real life with the person you have gotten to known and have grown so close to online.

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