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We all have moments in our lives that in as much fun or happiness we’ve had, we still get to a point where we feel like escaping reality. And create our own definition of “our personal world”.  

People tend to have some things or do certain activities that help them escape reality and indulge themselves so deep that sometimes it feels like they’re the only ones there. 

Here are a few of those “therapies”:


This is the most common thing people use as therapy. When people say music isn’t just music, it’s a language, this might be what is meant. Not everyone will understand a certain song or genre as much you do, so explaining why music is therapy may be a tad bit difficult. Some people may love it for the lyrics, some for the vibe and some for the instrumentals, or even for all three. It differs from one person to another.  

Most people have Spotify and even YouTube playlist for their different moods. If you don’t, I suggest you get started! 


Books are truly the greatest escape. Finding the perfect book, sitting down and reading while sipping on some hot chocolate or a cold beverage truly is a dreamy experience. 

Finding a genre or two that you love and indulging yourself in them can be quite calming and exciting as books also open up a whole new world. Ask the thriller, mystery and romance lovers. 

Sunsets & Moonlight

There’s nothing as magical as seeing beautiful colors of the sky at sunset. Its beauty can be so calming, almost as calming as seeing the full moon at night. Putting the aesthetic aspect of these aside, if one truly does love these, they will testify that they also have therapeutic effects. You could be having a not-so-good day, and then see the sunset and just stare with much admiration and appreciation that it lifts your mood up.


People who enjoy gaming may not solely love them for the fun of it, or because gaming is cool. Some people use gaming as a means to sometimes blow off some steam, or also a way to be away from whatever is disturbing them. 

Gaming literacy provides one with a whole new world with characters, stories and interesting settings that gamers can indulge themselves in, allowing them to temporarily forget about their troubles in the real world.


What better way to forget about your troubles then by indulging in your favourite shows and moves? This is probably everyone once in a while, am I right? There are people who would cancel plans with their friends just to catch up on their shows. And no one’s blaming them!

If that’s what they’re most comfortable doing rather than going on exciting adventures with others then it shall be. Watching shows isn’t always about how big the show is or it’s hype. Some people re-watch the same shows and movies over and over as their comfort shows. 


This is something most people don’t find necessary or important, but there are people who, at the end of each day, document or write down about their day. One doesn’t necessarily have to write into a journal everyday, but every other day can be good too. Just having a place to jot down the good and bad moments can leave one feeling so, so much better.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to how you choose to deal with your troubles. As some may choose late night drives, and another prefers visiting galleries. We all have things in our lives that we use an an escape to cope with everything. And that’s when you know that whatever it is you do to cope, that’s your therapy. If you are looking for more ways to escape reality, here is a good read. Who knows? You might even have more than one way to cope with all the troubles. 

Eeno Nangolo

Hi, I’m Eeno. I’m a lover of books and sunsets and everything “foodsie”.

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