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Diabetes, or also known as the ‘sugar sickness’, is a condition some of us simply have to learn to live with. Notably, some days are good. And some are not so great. Trust me, I speak from experience! Being a diabetic, and a young adult, is not easy. Therefore, that’s why I depend on the people close to me to pick me up when everything feels too heavy.

Diabetes is a life long condition.

What is it?

I have been living with diabetes for 16 years now. I was diagnosed at 7 and the way the doctors explained it to me was; “You can’t eat sugar anymore.” I guess that’s probably the best way to get a 7-year old to understand. But as I grew older I started to see that is a misconception. Actually, diabetics can eat sugar. We just have to be a little extra cautious when we do.

We have to keep track of our Glucose levels

The good days

Being the best diabetic you can possibly be is exhausting because it takes too much responsibility. So a good day would be when your body decides to play along and your glucose levels barely spike. And remember, anything can spike your levels, from food to emotions like stress. So it feels pretty good to have maintained your sugar level, even if its only for that one day.

Some diabetics need to take insulin shots to maintain healthy glucose levels.

The not so great

As mentioned, being a diabetic can be exhausting. No one really prepares you for what you have to deal with. So this is where your support group comes in! Diabetes and depression is so closely linked and unfortunately its something most people don’t understand, unless you are a diabetic.

Of course, it gets aggravating to have your life revolve around a needle; depending on it for your own survival. It might sound slightly dramatic but its the truth for most of us.

The support!

Having someone or a group of people to talk to is important. They help you stay strong. And if I haven’t said this yet, maintaining your diabetes take a lot of strength. It is important to know and sometimes be reminded that you are not alone.

Diabetes brings out the best and the worst in a person. So it always helps to have someone by your side as you are dealing with the worst.

Patricia Coetzee

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