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Fiona Nandago is a brand designer who created the layout for the cover of Ndiilokelwa Nthengwe’s second book. “You F@cked with the wrong generation” which was published on the 2nd of September 2022.

The team

Ndiilokelwa’s business partner recommended Fiona after seeing her work on social media. Soon after the two established a dream team.

“Working with Ndiilo was a fun experience. She’s super patient and understanding. I love working with her because her style of design aligns with mine. Similarly keeping it minimal, simple and clean. Thus making working with her so much easier”.

They continued to work on several projects including #shutitalldown. The 2020 project was aimed at creating awareness of physical and sexual violence against women.

Following in the political path with the new book was all the easier. Especially as it falls in the category of Fiona’s additional passions – Law and Politics. Her expertise proved more than sufficient. This is evident following her prominent career build up soon after graduating New Media Design from the College of the Arts in 2021.

Fiona is thrilled to be apart of the publishing in addition to the delight of her current job at Venture media. There she deals with designing of websites, logos, branded content, videography, writing and publications. Furthermore, she had her part in graphic design and creating content for Launch Namibia and Launch Media.

Taking on the Media Industry

When it comes to her designs, minimalism wins each time and is perfectly captured by the saying:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci, artist & inventor

For those who put creativity into business should therefore see the success it brings. All it takes is a fiery zeal to give your best and staying committed to what you want from your career.

“It’s hard but fun. Fun because I get to do what I love everyday in a healthy environment. Hard because some clients are difficult to work with. For Example, some don’t see your value and try to negotiate prices. Besides the difficulties, I highly recommend working in the media industry if that’s where your heart lies. You can be yourself in terms of personality, lifestyle and fashion.”

How to Reach Out to Fiona Nandago

To contact her and see more of her talented work visit her website at or reach out to her at +264816751422 and For pre-orders of the book visit

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