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XTream content house, the first of its kind in Namibia, has recently launched on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube with over 20 content creators under its roof.

With a vision of garnering recognition and appreciation for Namibian content creators, Jessica Roy-Fawl started the house after her trip to Nigeria opened her eyes to what content creation is all about.

“In Nigeria, there’s an award ceremony every other week to appreciate and recognize content creators. They take content creation super serious back there and I really just want the same for Namibia,” Jessica says. As she’s seen, creators from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa are nominated, thus she wanted to create space for Namibians to be included as well. 

The founder of XTream Content House, Jessica Roy-Fawl.

With an extremely wide range of talent from dancers to videographers, radio presenters, comedians and youtubers, in their content creators of so many different ages and niches, XTream content house wants all their members to grow their brands and gain recognition for their efforts in the entertainment industry.

As stated by the house-runners, “We hope the house helps them work on skills such as collaborating with other creators, so they can learn new skills.”

They also believe that being a member of their content house is a great way for the creators to market their brands, seeing as they plan to connect them to many big corporations in the country. 

Jessica, the founder of the house, is a creator who has been in the industry for so many years, has built many relationships with different people, brands and corporations and she is more than willing to share the talent of XTream content house creators with her connections in the industry.

To further help their creators grow, the content house also plans on reaching out to any brands they believe can help gain their members more exposure and help with whatever resources they might need for various content creation purposes.

XTream content house is proud to say that their creators stand out from the rest with their authenticity and unmatched energy. That’s what they were looking for in creators who’ve joined so far: Authenticity and passion.

When asked to describe the creators under their roof, the runners of the content house said, “You should meet them. They are all amazing people who really do this content thing because they love it. They are people who dance because they really enjoy it. People who just radiate positive vibes and have the most creative minds.”

And it’s those creative minds and positive attitudes that the house is confident will drive them towards their goal of wanting to be known for authenticity, growth and most importantly to them: love amongst the creators.

“We want people to know that there shouldn’t be any competition between creators, because it’s very possible to work together and grow their craft without having to hate on the next brand or creator who might venture into that exact same niche.”

As of now, the house is not open to new members, but are so serious about their vision that they would drop anyone who doesn’t put in the work and stay consistent with their content creation, to make room for new people. 

In the future, the house wants to be known for social media content that is not only limited to what Namibias are used to. The house notes that we can definitely expect a change in the Namibian content creation space. They aren’t holding back on “XTream, immaculate and authentic” content that will finally put Namibian creators on the map!

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