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The BeFree Youth Campus has been the “hot topic” for the past couple of weeks. From the thrill of an empowering and vibrant new youth center, to the buzz of the BeFree concert, I’m sure you get why. Likewise, the campus was officially launched on the 1st of September 2023 by the First Lady, Mrs. Monica Geingos, who’s the Chairperson of the One Economy Foundation. That’s right, the doors to the campus are officially open to the youth, right now! Moreover, an exhilarating concert celebration was held after the official opening. Now, you’re probably wondering “What exactly is this BeFree Youth Campus?”. Well, let’s get right into it!

Located in the heart of Katutura in Windhoek, the BeFree Youth Campus is one of the many projects led by the BeFree movement. Similarly, the much-anticipated youth center has been established with the sole purpose of creating a safe and conducive space for young people to flourish and reach their maximum potential. The campus will provide an excellent platform to inspire, empower and transform the lives of the Namibian youth.

“The #BeFree campus seeks to change the taboo narrative surrounding certain topics in school, by providing a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. ” Rivaldo Kavanga- My Zone Newspaper

Who is the BeFree Youth Campus for?

Quite frankly, as the name suggests, the campus is for all Namibian youth. Similarly, the new youth center aims to serve young people aged 13 to 30 years, providing them with opportunities for personal growth as well as empowering them to thrive.

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What services will the campus provide?

Entrepreneurial programming and academic support

The campus aims to provide the Namibian youth with crucial skills and knowledge required to succeed in today’s extremely competitive world. Similarly, the center will provide vocational training, enabling students to learn practical skills in construction, hospitality and agriculture amongst other fields. This will then enhance their chances of employment or better yet, self-employment. Furthermore, mentorship programs will also be available which will in fact link young people with successful entrepreneurs who can offer guidance and support.

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Mental and psychosocial support

Mental health has become a major concern for the Namibian youth and if we’re being totally honest, we hardly recognize when we’re struggling and need help, and not to mention the dreading cost of a professional therapist. Nonetheless, the BeFree campus has us covered. With the help of collaborations with local organisations and professionals, the BeFree Youth Campus can provide free counselling services and workshops that target a wide series of social issues. Apart from this, awareness campaigns will be held to empower the youth to make informed decisions on their sexual and reproductive health. Ultimately, addressing social issues and providing counselling services gives hope to the youth and equips them to take charge of their own lives and flourish while at it.

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Time and time again, the BeFree movement continues to provide exciting, life-changing experiences for the youth, from vibrant youth-led campaigns to training programs held all over the country. Likewise, the BeFree Youth Campus will without a doubt continue in the same foot steps, providing a beacon of hope and opportunity for the Namibian youth.

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