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If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok or Instagram reels recently, you’ve probably come across the ‘clean girl makeup’ trend. It’s a popular trend that branched off from the clean girl aesthetic. The clean girl makeup aesthetic is a method of using minimal makeup to create a more natural look.

Attributes of clean girl makeup include glossy lips, fluffy brows and minimal eye makeup—no more dark arched Instagram brows, intense eyeshadows and heavy foundation. Instead, the minimalist look is in. Less is definitely more. Here are 5 steps to help you achieve the clean girl makeup look.

1. Start With a Clean Base

To achieve a natural-looking make-up look, you need to start by prepping your skin. This means doing your personalised skincare routine that involves ending off with a moisturizer and SPF. You can also add a primer but it’s optional. Remember, we don’t want to layer our skin.

  • Johnson’s Fresh Hydration SPF 20 Day Cream – N$84.95 @Dischem Pharmacies
  • Dermopal Moisturizing SPF 30+ Sunscreen – N$109.95 @Dischem Pharmacies

2. Use a Moisturizing Concealer

Apply a moisturizing concealer to areas such as your chin and under the eyes. You can also apply it to any blemishes that you want to conceal. Blend your concealer well with a damp beauty blender for a seamless look that resembles your own skin, only better. If you want, apply a powder to seal everything together.

  • LA Girl Pro Concealer – N$69.95 @Dischem Pharmacies
  • Essence 16-hour-long lasting Concealer – N$64.96 @Dischem Pharmacies

3. Brush Your Brows

You can fill your brows in or brush them out; it’s completely up to you. However, a good brow gel will hold them in place and ensure that their shape frames remain intact.

To fill your brows, Signature Cosmetics has really affordable brow pens that retail for N$20.00. To brush them out, try the Essence Brow Pomade and Brush that’s available in Dischem Pharmacies for N$55.95.

4. Apply Some Blush (optional)

  • Catrice Blush, clean girl make up

Use a little blush to look healthy and flushed. Applying a little blush adds a pop of colour to your cheeks and makes your cheekbones stand out.

  • Signature Blusher – N$45.00 @Signature Cosmetics
  • Catrice Blush Box – N$55.00 @Dischem Pharmacies

5. Apply Lip Gloss

  • Essence Clear lip gloss
  • Absolute Clear Lip gloss

Ending off with my personal favourite: Lip Gloss. You can use any one of your favourite lip glosses, although we recommend The Essence Juicy Bomb Lip Gloss available in Dischem pharmacies for N$22.95. You can also use the infamous Absolute lip gloss that retails for about N$20.00.

All product prices listed are subject to change.

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