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Gardening provides you with day-to-day fruits and vegetables from your own backyard. It also saves you a few dollars, serves as a hobby and promotes a healthier lifestyle. After all, today’s growing trend follows self-sustainability that arises from living in the age where greener is better.

More money spent else where

Growing produce of your own is like printing money of your own

wallet lab-saving hacks that work

Saving money is the first satisfaction one gets from gardening with fruits, vegetables and herbs. This needs a full proof gardening plan according to the seasons and each produce’s harvest period. If this is mastered, you’d never lack the basics. After all, purchasing a packet of seeds allows you to grow and harvest much more than you would have gotten from that same amount of money buying in-store vegetables.

With living from your backyard, you’d be able to cut down on your grocery budget and still have enough veggies and fruits to store, bless others or sell! 

A fresh hobby

Gardening also trains you to think ahead and care for other living organisms responsibly. Truly infinite are the life lessons this hobby has to offer.

mom trends-how to get kids gardening

Not all of us have something productive and stimulating to do after work or on weekends. So by owning a garden, you automatically gift yourself the responsibility of spending time outside. Time to unwind in an earthy, fresh and nurturing manner. It also becomes a family experience. Allowing little ones to help shows them the true art behind what they receive on their plates. 

Living healthier

Cultivating a garden is like feeding the spirit, not just the body.

picture from dreamstine-healthy living

Your fruits and vegetables automatically become much fresher compared to buying them. Understandingly, what we see in store has been grown and chemically treated to keep fresh in transit. Why not help yourself to a fresher batch at home instead?!

Now what can you grow at home? Here is a list of easy fruits and vegetables you can grow. Looking up the required conditions of your desired fruit or veggie should allow you to grow and harvest them without hassles.

The general growing conditions:

  • Temperature – germinate the seeds and plants in the right seasons
  • Water – make sure you do not over- or underwater your seedlings and plants
  • Mineral requirements – do not throw away tea bags, fruit and vegetable peels, wood ash and any other organic waste. Instead, make your own compost.

Ultimately, gardening can become a hustle for those who become fond enough. Harvests can be bountiful if you want them to be. As young adults and teens, you can look into the agricultural sector. Starting small in your backyard helps you take the big steps into financial freedom.

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