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Taking care of yourself has many benefits, including leading a healthier lifestyle, having more self-confidence and reduced likelihood of infections and diseases. It does not cost an arm and a leg to take care of your body, all you need is to be intentional about your hygiene and to make time for it. Actively taking care of your body is essentially taking care of “you”.

To maintain good hygiene, here are some basic personal hygiene tips to follow.

1. Oral hygiene 

Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. The behaviors that lead to these oral diseases include:

  • Irregular brushing of your teeth
  • Not flossing every time you brush your teeth
  • Neglecting to clean your tongue when brushing your teeth
  • Drinking too many acidic drinks too often
  • Excessive smoking

In order to avoid these, try to rinse your mouth with water after eating whenever you can. Floss regularly and remember to brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. Chew bubble gum or eat mints if you have not talked for a while and you feel your mouth getting musty. Most importantly, visit a dentist at least twice a year.

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2. Shave your armpits

Unshaved armpits tend to trap more sweat and dirt. This often leaves a bad odour and a stain appears after a long hot day. To avoid this, remove armpit hair either by shaving or waxing it off.

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3. Feet hygiene 

This is specifically for men and for sneaker lovers. Wash socks at least once every week especially if you wear them daily. This is to avoid bad foot odour and to reduce feet fungal infections. Polish and clean your shoes properly and always keep them in airy places to avoid damp and odour.

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4. Wash your underwear regularly 

All the dead skin cells, oils and sweat are trapped in your underwear, making for a perfect place for bacteria and yeast. Not washing frequently enough can lead to stains and persistent odors on your undies. It also causes rashes, skin irritation and local skin infections from yeast or bacteria. Wash your panties and trunks at least everyday, and your bras at least weekly.


5. Menstrual And Genital Hygiene

It is important to change sanitary products regularly and to wash the hands before and after changing tampons, pads, or any other sanitary products. For down there, females only need cleaning once a day using water. Males on the other hand can make use of warm water or soap. Make it a priority to take proper care of genital area as this prevents you from contracting diseases and infections.

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6. Bath at least twice a day

Most people know that bathing is extremely important, YET people still do not do it! If you struggle with body odour, try bathing twice a day. This helps cleanse off sweat, oil and bacteria which are the leading cause of body odour and infections.


7. Wash your clothes and bedding regularly. 

Do your laundry once a week and wash your beddings at least every month end. Also, just a tip: showering regularly lets you extend the time of washing the bed sheets.

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Good hygiene not only improves your health but also your self-esteem. Smelling good and feeling presentable can give you a confidence boost and a sense of pride in your appearance. So make an active decision every day to have good hygiene and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ngumeritiza Katjimune

Hi my name is Ngumeritiza. I am a contributor at Afterbreak Magazine, I've been writing for the past two years and I have honestly fallen in-love with being able express my views on so many different topics and issues. Although I'm currently pursuing a career in Physiotherapy at the University of Namibia, I believe that everyone has a creative part within themselves and writing helps me explore my creativeness.

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