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The Dear Girl Namibia initiative was started by the Andreas sisters, Justine and Tuilika, in 2018. Their organisation is based on Christian values and is fueled by a strong desire to help young girls better understand themselves, their relationship with God, and how they interact with others. Dear Girl has also planned and hosted various other events. But before we delve into those, let’s go over what you should know about the organisation.

Who is DEAR Girl Namibia?

Justine is the Author of the book ‘Gracefully Broken, which was released in 2022 and documents her journey with God. She’s also a Philanthropist at heart and currently serves the International University of Management as the education faculty officer. Her sister, Tuilika, is a full-time Medical Student at the University of Namibia and the co-founder of Purposeful Camp Namibia. She also takes part in pageants, and last year she was crowned World Miss University Namibia.

Dear Girl Namibia is a youth-led organisation that was created in 2018. The name DEAR stands for Daring, Eagle, Attaining, and Results. This name was chosen on purpose to show how a girl can rise above challenges and achieve amazing things with determination and faith, both for herself and her community.

“A lot of young girls are battling with their inner selves; they are in vulnerable situations, and some are emotionally hurt or abused, but all I can say is that these circumstances are just temporary; there is so much hope.”

Justine Andreas – The New Era Newspaper

The organisation was created to give girls a safe space where they don’t have to feel like they’re carrying the weight of the world alone. Their main goal is to help young girls understand themselves, their connection with God, and their relationships with others. They achieve this through various programmes and events. It also has God-inspired teachings for the betterment of the Namibian girl child and her future.

Dear Girl’s purpose statement is to inspire and give hope to young Namibian girls. They do this by creating an understanding that helps bring back and keep alive the hope for a better future full of dignity.

Their Events and Programs:

Dear Girl Namibia has hosted a number of events and programmes.

  • Princess Week (2021)

They organised Princess Week as a 5-day camp at Rock Lodge, specifically inviting young women aged 18 to 22. During this event, they prepared the young ladies for post-school life by fostering candid conversations and arranging engaging activities like rock climbing. The camp was titled ‘Be a Woman of Strength and Influence’, capturing its empowering essence.

DEAR Girl Namibia on Instagram
  • Phenomenally You (2021)

Furthermore, they offered comprehensive training with a strong emphasis on community impact and social entrepreneurship through their initiative, ‘Phenomenally You’. This programme specifically targeted young women and girls aged 16 to 25. It encouraged those who recognised social issues within their communities and were actively striving to effect meaningful change.

  • Sit-Down Tea (2022)

An interactive tea event was organised to have a direct conversation with one of the founders, Justine. This event had the purpose of guiding young women and girls on the path to embracing dignity, irrespective of life’s circumstances.

  • Dignity Day (2023)

They’ve created not just a couple, but a multitude of events. Among their impressive array of initiatives stands ‘Dignity Day’, their latest project. During this programme, members of Dear Girl venture into schools within underprivileged communities and cater to vulnerable young women and girls.

Valuable discussions on Identity, Purpose, and Menstrual Health were shared. Going a step further, they generously distribute hampers, notably stocked with reusable pads and a Dear Girl booklet. The commendable ‘Dignity Day’ tour finds its strength through the sponsorship of the Capricorn Foundation.

  • Dear Girl Namibia

To find out more about Dear Girl Namibia, visit their Instagram page.

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