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By a show of hands, who’s ever decided not to go somewhere or doing something alone because they didn’t have anybody to go with? Of course my hand is up, is yours?

Also, a moment of silence for the life experiences we’ve forgone because of our discomfort with being alone or even just being seen alone. Here’s what we miss out on from doing things solo.

The benefits of doing things alone

Doing things alone. Solo date ideas. Travel solo. Ice cream solo date. Nandi Tjiurutue. Lifestyle writer. Lifestyle editor.
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  • For one, you get to set the tone and pace. This essentially means there’s nobody else’s preferences to consider. And you just do whatever you want. And better yet, at your own pace. I mean, don’t you just hate being rushed?
  • And, no outside energy. Your vibe will be whatever you decide your vibe is. Consequently, you won’t be having anybody’s energy affecting your own. Also, bonus, you get to go home when you decide.
  • Also, a self-care moment. It serves as your ‘me time’; a break from the constant hassle of life and a mental break from reality.
  • Lastly, it’s an inspiration and perspective charger. Notably, going out to new places has a similar effect to traveling. There’s something about being in new and unfamiliar environments that awakens our inner explorer and inspires new thoughts and perspectives within us.

How to go about doing things alone

Doing things alone. Nandi Tjiurutue. Lifestyle writer. How to do things alone.
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  • First, be safe. Perhaps send your location details to someone you trust. Also, if you drink alcohol, don’t consume too much to the point where you don’t notice what’s happening around you.
  • Next, always look good or dress comfortably. Because when we look good we feel good. And it’ll help lesson any awkwardness we may experience being out alone.
  • Start small. Instead of going to a really social event, how about just grabbing a quick ice cream? As well as a cinema solo date where most of the focus will be on the big screen?
  • Admittedly, I should take my own advice on this one… Get out of your head! Put yourself out there, be open to meeting new people. And don’t let you mind stop you.
  • Finally, do you. Basically this is your moment to do what you want, when you want to. As well as not wasting your time waiting on others to do things with you.

Ideas of things to do alone

Doing things alone. Nandi Tjiurutue. Solo date ideas. Picnic for one
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  • Solo café or restaurant date. You can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply go for a drink or two.
  • Theater show or cinema. These are quite easy solo ‘adventures.’ As not much socialising takes place while a film or play is on. So you won’t feel as awkward sitting alone in silence.
  • Go watch your favorite artist perform. If you know and love an artist’s work, you’ll feel less out of place singing along or just listening and dancing along to familiar songs. Plus, you get to meet people with similar interests & taste as you. I for one am putting this on my bucket list.
  • How about a picnic for one? Grab a blanket or towel, something to snack on and perhaps a reading book, a sketchbook or whatever you’re going to be entertaining yourself with. And just enjoy the outdoors!
  • Learn a new skill by joining a class or club. Whether for fitness, cooking, sports, or just attending a workshop, this is a great way to meet people.
  • Next, go for a walk or go hiking. As simple as that.
Doing things alone. Visit the local market.
Things to do alone. Solo date ideas nandi Tjiurutue. Lifestyle magazine
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  • Travel alone. You can start off small by taking a staycation or visiting any places surrounding your town.
  • How about a solo pamper date? For instance, you could visit a spa, get a facial, a massage or hair removal etc.
  • Also, you could volunteer. Keep a look out for volunteering opportunities in your community and give back.
  • Lastly, visit local markets. Get a real feel of the local community. Moreover, you never know what deals and gems you’ll encounter.

Doing things alone. Solo adventures bucket list. Nandi Tjiurutue. Lifestyle content editor. How to do things alone. Living life. Can't say we didn't live life.
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Now that you’ve made it to the end of this piece, I hope you’ve been inspired to make a bucket list of solo things you’d like to experience. Perhaps call it solo adventures if you will and go exploring. Remember to just live life, even alone.

Comment down below which solo adventures ideas you’ll try out. And do follow me on Instagram for more lifestyle related content.

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